Project Summary

An owner of an apartment in Mississauga reached out to us and expressed that they wanted to install a shower in their apartment’s bathroom. After going back and forth with the client and being able to visit the site, we were eager to get to work! First, we pre-fit the shower in the area that the client requested, installed the base as well as the side panels and plumbing panels. We then finished off the project by caulking and sealing the shower to prevent leaks and other hazards. As you can see from the before and after, this is a significant addition to this bathroom and the client was extremely pleased with the results!

Here’s a quick summary of this bathroom renovation in Mississauga:

  • City: Mississauga
  • Main Service: Shower Installation
  • Project Duration: Approximately 1 Week
  • What We Did: full renovation and installation of the shower

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shower birds eye reno shower reno

About The Project

It was a pleasure installing the shower in this Mississauga bathroom! Featuring a luxurious and modern glass shower door and a contemporary tiled wall, which gives the space a more up-to-date and sleek design. Deomax arrived on site after drafting the design and receiving approval to get to work and install the new shower. Additional customary touch-ups were performed after the shower installation. See how our project turned out in the pictures below.

Rebuilding In Progress

Our Results

Deomax Project BeforeAfter

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