Project Summary

We worked on a cool project in Innisfil to make a bathroom better. The homeowner wanted a more modern and useful bathroom, so our team made a plan. We did things like putting in new stuff, taking out old things carefully, fixing plumbing and electrical stuff, and redoing the floor and walls. We’re happy to be part of making this bathroom nicer and more stylish for the homeowner. If you want to upgrade your bathroom too, let us know!

Here’s a quick summary of this new bathroom project:

  • City: Innisfil
  • Main Service: Bathroom Renovation
  • Project Duration: 4 Weeks
  • What We Did: Executed installation work, managed demolition, addressed plumbing and electrical needs, and completely revamped the flooring and walls.

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About The Project

We recently transformed a bathroom in Innisfil, giving it a whole new vibe! The homeowner wanted a more modern and functional bathroom. Our team devised a plan, involving detailed installation work, efficient demolition, and extensive upgrades to plumbing and electrical systems. The flooring and walls got a complete makeover to achieve a modern look. The result is a fantastic bathroom that’s ready to impress.

Check out the pictures below to see the stunning transformation. If you’re thinking about a bathroom renovation, connect with us for a FREE QUOTE. Let Deomax turn your bathroom dreams into reality!

Innisfil Bathroom Renovation Before After Bathroom Pictures