Project Summary

Hallway corners are high traffic areas and can be easily tarnished, damaging the elegance of your commercial building-but not with Deomax’s condominium corridor stainless steel corner protectors. Our steady-handed team seamlessly applied corner protectors to keep these hallway corridors looking sharp and tarnish-free. Stainless steel is durable and lightweight, serving as a dependable protection agent with aesthetic appeal. This seemingly small step made a big impact: providing worry-free protection and elevating the building’s overall look.

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  • City: Vaughan
  • Main Service: Commercial Renovation
  • Project Duration: One week
  • What We Did: Ensure protection of easily tarnished corners and add a layer of sleek style with our stainless steel protectors.
impact resistant corner guard condominium hallway.jpg

About The Project

  • Installation: Our team started by cleaning the surrounded area for strong adhesion. We then seamlessly applied our stainless steel corridor corner protectors for worry-free protection and additional style. 

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Our Results