We specialize in building garden houses/ summer houses, and Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) in Guelph. Keeping your budget and timeline in mind, we provide modern, aesthetic, and affordable solutions.

    Cost of Building a Garden House

    The cost of a garden suite varies based on design, size, and features. Our costs to build a garden house is approximately $300/ Sq. Ft.

    Build Your Dream Garden House with Deomax!

    If you have enough space on your lot, you may be able to build an additional unit in a separate building. Units that don’t share any walls with the primary home are referred to as garden suites. With extensive experience in constructing versatile and stylish units, we can help you build your perfect garden house/ summer house.!

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    Know the Important Terms

    A garden house, also known as a garden suite or accessory dwelling unit (ADU), is a detached, additional residential unit located on the same property as a main house. These self-contained suites typically include cooking, living, sleeping, and washroom facilities, providing a complete and independent living space.

    A garden house used primarily during warmer months, often designed for seasonal living.

    A secondary residential unit located on the same property as a primary residence. ADUs can be attached or detached from the main house.

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    Why Choose a Garden House in Guelph: Numerous Benefits

    Opting for a garden house in Guelph offers numerous advantages. These homes provide privacy and tranquility, making them ideal urban retreats. They serve as valuable rental properties, cozy in-law suites, or personal studios.

    Summer houses embrace sustainable design, promoting efficient space utilization and environmental friendliness. In Guelph’s competitive real estate market, garden houses represent a unique investment opportunity with significant potential returns.

    Regulations for Building Garden Suites in Guelph

    General Regulations:

    • Maximum Size: The garden suite can have a maximum footprint of 60 square meters (approximately 645 square feet). This size is consistent regardless of the lot area.
    • Lot Coverage: The total area covered by all ancillary buildings, including the garden suite, must not exceed 20% of the lot area.
    • Height: The maximum height for a garden suite is 6 meters. If the garden suite is within 7.5 meters of the main house, its height is restricted to 4 meters.
    • Setbacks:
      – Rear Yard: Minimum setback of 1.5 meters from the rear lot line.
      – Side Yard: Minimum setback of 0.6 meters, which increases to 1.5 meters if there are doors or windows on the side wall. For corner lots, the side yard setback is 1.5 meters or more.
      – Building Separation: A minimum of 5 meters from the main house for garden suites up to 4 meters in height, and 7.5 meters if the garden suite is taller.

    These regulations ensure adequate spacing, privacy, and safety compliance. For detailed information, review the bylaws on the City of Guelph’s official website​.


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    Considerations for Building a Garden Suite

    Here are few considerations to keep in mind while building Garden Homes:

    • Cost: Building a garden suite is often more expensive than adding an internal unit due to the need for new utility connections.
    • Separate Address: Create a distinct municipal address for easier location by emergency services and the public.
    • Building Limits: Adhere to maximum building heights and sizes.
    • Setback Distance: Maintain proper setbacks from property lines.
    • Window Restrictions: Limit the distance and area of window openings.

    If you need help understanding the process and bylaws for building a Garden House, contact us today!

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Garden Houses

    Yes, garden suites are legal in Ontario, provided they meet specific zoning and building code requirements. The City of Mississauga’s guidelines outline these requirements in detail.

    The cost of a garden suite varies based on design, size, and features. Our costs to build a garden house is approximately $300 per Sq. Ft.

    Building a garden house requires compliance with local zoning bylaws, building codes, and obtaining the necessary permits. Specific requirements can be found on the City of Guelph’s Building and Renovating page.

    Yes, garden houses can be rented out as long-term or short-term rentals, provided they comply with local rental regulations.

    The timeline for building a garden house varies depending on the project’s scope. On average, it can take anywhere from 6 months to a year from the initial design phase to completion.