Project Summary

We were contacted by a Mississauga homeowner who wanted to update their kitchen to something with a bit more flare. As part of the home’s luminous atmosphere, the kitchen’s design was modern, minimalistic, and brighter. The project was a pleasure to do, and the homeowner was delighted with the outcome!

Here’s a quick summary of this kitchen rebuilding project in Mississauga:

  • City: Mississauga
  • Main Service: Redesigning Kitchen
  • Project Duration: 4.5 Weeks
  • What We Did: Construction, Demolition, Electrical, Flooring, Range Hood Installation, Cabinet Installation, Kitchen Backsplash, Plumbing, Painting, Appliance Installation, Trims, Sink Installation

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About The Project

A Mississauga homeowner needed their entire kitchen to be gutted and rebuilt. The vision was for a much brighter, cleaner look that blended better with the architectural style of the house. After advising them of their options, we devised a plan for reconstructing their kitchen from the ground up.

We started construction as soon as we had an idea of how we wanted to approach tearing out the kitchen and rebuilding it. We removed the old kitchen quickly and efficiently, leaving all the necessary foundations for the new kitchen to be built. We then got to work on the plumbing and electrical work, ensuring that we maximized the limited space in the kitchen. As soon as that was finished, our team began installing the new tiled flooring, white cabinets, metal sink, tiled backsplash, and granite countertop. Once this kitchen was completed, the homeowner gave us their full approval!

What The Kitchen Looked Like Before

Rebuilding In Progress

Redesign Timelapses

Our Results

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