Project Summary

There are tons of historical homes in Toronto that are rich in beauty but lack modern design. This homeowner in Toronto discovered just that when they called us enquiring about renovating their kitchen. We started running through designs and ideas with the homeowner and they were all ears to our suggestions. They had some input of their own and after the design stage, we got to work.

Here’s a quick summary of this renovation in Toronto:

  • City: Toronto
  • Main Service: Kitchen Renovation
  • Project Duration: 6 Weeks
  • What We Did: Replaced the cabinets as well as replaced the countertops and opened up some space around the kitchen.

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etobicoke kitchen renovation 1

About The Project

This Etobicoke kitchen was a blast to work on! The client was ecstatic when we showed them the final touches, loving the new countertops and cabinets that we had installed for them!

Our Results