Project Summary

Our client in Mississauga reached out to us for a commercial condo renovation. The exterior of the drywall was damaged and needed structural repairs around the perimeter.

Here’s a quick a summary of this condo renovation Mississauga project:

  • City: Mississauga
  • Main Service: Condo Renovation
  • Project Duration: 3 Weeks
  • What We Did: Demolition, Drywall, Painting, Door Installation

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condo renovation mississauga during construction condo renovation during construction mississauga

More About This Project

Our client in Mississauga had a commercial condo unit that was damaged along the outside. The drywall on the exterior was deteriorating and they needed assistance restoring the unit to its original condition. We spoke with the client about their requirements and began executing our plan.

We removed the old deteriorating drywall that had suffered from water damage. We reinforced the foundation with steel beams to secure the unit and applied the new drywall on top. We then matched the paint colour and replaced the door to match the rest of the floor to finish the job.

What The Condo Looked Like Before

Repair In Progress

Our Results