Project Summary

Get ready for waterproofing magic with Deomax in Etobicoke! We recently did a cool project to make a basement stronger against water. The homeowner wanted to stop water problems and keep the space safe from moisture. Our team made a plan, checking and fixing all the weak spots. We did careful prep, put on a special layer, and made sure it was strong. After waiting a bit for everything to settle, we added the final touches, making sure everything was top-notch.

Here’s a quick summary of this new bathroom project:

  • City: Etobicoke
  • Main Service: Waterproof works
  • Project Duration: 2 Days
  • What We Did: Demolition, Inspection, Repair and Reinforcement, Waterproofing Preparation, Priming, Waterproofing Membrane Installation, Curing Time, Finishing Touches, Quality Control

If you want a super-strong space too, hit us up for a FREE QUOTE! Also, check out our other cool projects to make your interior awesome! 

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About The Project

In Etobicoke, our recent waterproofing project focused on making a basement more resistant to water damage. We carefully inspected and reinforced vulnerable areas, creating a waterproof barrier. The process included preparation, priming, and installing a waterproofing membrane. After allowing time for curing, we added finishing touches. If you’re thinking about waterproofing, contact Deomax for a FREE QUOTE. Check out our other interior projects too!
Etobicoke Waterproofing Before After Bathroom Pictures