Project Summary

We were contacted by the owner of a church office in Etobicoke who expressed their interest in renovating the building. They reached out to us with their plans to update and modernize their older church office in Etobicoke. After a productive exchange of ideas, we began formulating a comprehensive plan for the remodeling of the entire office.

Here’s a quick a summary of this church office remodeling Etobicoke project:

  • City: Etobicoke
  • Main Service: Full Church Office Remodeling
  • Project Duration: 6 Weeks
  • What We Did: Plumbing, demolition, electrical, flooring, walls, painting

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Church office remodeling Etobicoke before Etobicoke church office remodeling after

About The Project

The Etobicoke church office remodeling project was primarily focused on giving the space a modern makeover. The homeowner desired a more contemporary atmosphere, and we were eager to bring their vision to life.

The initial phase involved the removal of the outdated and damaged drywall, as well as the old lighting fixtures from the ceiling. This step was crucial in preparing a clean canvas for the upcoming transformations. Once the old materials were cleared, we proceeded with repairing the walls, ensuring a smooth and flawless surface for the next stage. To achieve the desired modern aesthetic, we opted for a neutral color theme. This decision brought about a dramatic change from the office’s original appearance, completely transforming its look and feel. The use of neutral tones provided a fresh and contemporary ambiance, enhancing the overall appeal of the space.

Our Results

Etobicoke church office remodeling before after