Project Summary

Deomax replaced a leaking window caulking in a bathroom with our state-of-the-art silicone caulking. Our skilled team executed a safe and effective window caulking replacement, implementing worry-free leak protection and optimizing energy efficiency for the client. Our team of professionals travelled up three storeys (10ft) while using seamless caulking methods to create both a functional yet stylish window for the condominium bathroom.

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  • City: Vaughan
  • Main Service: Bathroom Renovation
  • Project Duration: One day
  • What We Did: Remove old window caulking, refurbish affected areas and replace with new, leak-free silicone caulking in a timely manner.
annual window caulking condos maintenance

About The Project

  • Demolition: Our team safely travelled up three storeys by crane to affected window and removed previously damaged and leaking caulking.
  • Installation: We replaced the damaged caulking with our silicone caulking, which transformed the exterior and interior of the condominium and provided a solid binding to protect from wind, leaks and drafts. 
  • Painting: Borders were covered with a coat of white paint, which provided modernity and further protection. . 

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