Project Summary

In a recent project, Deomax was entrusted with the complete floor renovation for a future-ready kitchen in Burlington. The client’s desire for a modern and functional space led us to install stunning vinyl plank flooring. This choice not only added a touch of sophistication but also ensured durability and easy maintenance.

Here’s a quick summary of this floor renovation project in Burlington:

  • City: Burlington
  • Main Service: Floor renovation
  • Project Duration: 2 Days
  • What We Did: We removed old floors and installed new ones.

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Renovating future Burlington kitchen with new floors

About The Project

The process of renovating the floors began with meticulous planning and precise measurements, ensuring a seamless installation. Our team of skilled professionals worked diligently, paying close attention to every detail to deliver flawless results. With the addition of the cork foam underlay, we aimed to enhance the floor’s comfort, providing a soft and comfortable surface for the homeowners to walk upon. The end result was a stunning and functional kitchen floor that perfectly complemented the clients’ vision, leaving them thrilled with their future-ready space.

Our Results