Project Summary

A homeowner reached out to us about some updates they wanted to make to their kitchen in Etobicoke. The design was more modern, minimalistic, and brighter, matching the kitchen to the rest of the home’s luminous atmosphere. This project was a pleasure to do, and the homeowner was thrilled with their results!

Here’s a quick summary of this kitchen rebuilding project in Etobicoke:

  • City: Etobicoke
  • Main Service: Rebuilding Kitchen
  • Project Duration: 2.5 Weeks
  • What We Did: Plumbing, Demolition, Electrical, Flooring, Range Hood Installation, Cabinet Installation, Kitchen Backsplash, Painting, Appliance Installation, Trims, Sink Installation

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About The Project

The owner of this Etobicoke home wanted to completely gut and rebuild their kitchen. They had a vision for a much brighter, cleaner look, one that would blend better with the aesthetic of the home. They called us and we advised them of their options, then came up with a plan for reconstructing their kitchen from the ground up.

Once we had an idea of how we wanted to approach tearing out and rebuilding the kitchen, our team went straight to construction. Our workers quickly and efficiently tore down the old kitchen, making sure we left all the necessary foundations for the new kitchen to be put in. We then got to work on the plumbing and electrical work, making sure we took the time to maximize the limited space of the kitchen. With that out of the way, our team was able to begin installing the new marble flooring, white cabinets, metal sink, tiled backsplash, and marble countertop. The homeowner had a wonderful vision for this kitchen, and gave us their full approval once we were finished! Check out the results and the owner’s review below:

What The Kitchen Looked Like Before

Rebuilding In Progress

Our Results

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