Project Summary

A Mississauga homeowner recently asked us to come in and install a range hood in their beautiful kitchen. It was a great addition to their already spectacular household, and gave the entire room a much more modern feeling. The range hood was made of stainless steel, and will definitely help regulate the fumes and smells of their cooktop appliance.

Here’s a quick summary of this range hood installation in Mississauga:

  • City: Mississauga
  • Main Service: Range Hood Kitchen Installation
  • Project Duration: 3 Weeks
  • What We Did: Demolition, range hood installation, electrical

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Range hood installations

About The Project

This kitchen installation project in Mississauga was clean and simple for Deomax. the homeowner had us come in and prepare their kitchen’s stovetop for a new range hood, one made of powerful stainless steel. The goal was to brighten up the kitchen, and give it a more modern feeling. After the installation, we think we achieved just that. After tearing out any old remnants of the previous range hood and placing down the necessary mats and covers, we got to work on installing the new range hood. It fit perfectly between the beautiful cabinetry installed in the kitchen, and worked well with the room’s marble backsplash. Once it was installed, we securely fasted it to the ceiling, and tested that everything functioned. Take a look at the results below!

What The Kitchen Looked Like Before

Our Results

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