Project Summary

This basement renovation project in Etobicoke focused on closing an unused door opening and restoring the wall. Our team efficiently filled the hole left by the door, ensuring the wall was structurally sound. After the repairs, we carefully re-painted the wall, seamlessly blending the restored section with the rest of the basement. The result is a smooth, uniform wall that enhances the overall look of the basement.

More project details:

  • City: Etobicoke
  • Main Service: Basement Renovation
  • Project Duration: 3 days
  • What We Did: Closed the unused door opening in the basement, filled the hole left by the door and re-painted the wall to ensure a smooth and uniform appearance.

About The Project

Closure and Filling

We started by securely closing the unused door opening in the basement. Our team filled the hole with appropriate materials to ensure structural integrity and a smooth surface.


After the hole was filled, we meticulously re-painted the entire wall. Our goal was to ensure the repaired section blended perfectly with the existing wall, resulting in a flawless finish.


The final step was to ensure the wall looked as good as new. The fresh coat of paint matched the existing color, making the restoration work virtually invisible and enhancing the overall aesthetic of the basement.

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