Project Summary

Recently we were asked to totally renovate a basement in Brampton! The client wanted to clean up their basement space and turn it into something more presentable, and useable. We quickly came up with a plan to reorganize and remodel the space, bringing in new doors, floors, carpets, and more. It was a pleasure to work on this client’s basement remodeling and we think everyone involved was happy with the results!

Here’s a quick summary of this basement remodeling in Brampton:

  • City: Brampton
  • Main Service: Basement Remodeling
  • Project Duration: 5 Weeks
  • What We Did: Plumbing, Demolition, Electrical, Flooring, walls, Painting, Trims, door installation, finishings

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About The Project

This project in Brampton was all about cleaning up and remodeling! The homeowner was looking to make the space a bit more versatile in how it can be used, and less of a storage/laundry space. To achieve that appearance, we came in and rebuilt the basement from the ground up!

First, our team went in and ensured all debris and stored items from the job site. After they were safely put away, we began tearing down old walls and structural pieces that were slightly in the way of our remodeling job. After the demolition was done, we moved on to putting up new walls in the laundry room, encasing the fuse box and giving the room a much more contained appearance. After putting up siding, doors, and painting everything, the job was complete! The owner was right, the space would be absolutely amazing for any use after a remodel.

What The Basement Looked Like Before

Our Results

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