Project Summary

The owner from Etobicoke reached out to us for assistance in renovating their living room, with a specific desire for a modern look while keeping their fireplace. At Deomax, we took on the project with utmost dedication, transforming the room into a stylish and contemporary space that exceeded the owner’s expectations.

Here’s a quick summary of this fireplace room renovation project in Etobicoke:

  • City: Etobicoke
  • Main Service: Living room remodeling
  • Project Duration: 2 weeks
  • What We Did: The removal of the old wood wall panelling, the painting of the walls, and the installation of new flooring.

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Fireplace room renovation Etobicoke Etobicoke fireplace room renovation

About The Project

When approached by a homeowner seeking to revamp their fireplace room, we undertook a comprehensive transformation. We began by removing the old wood wall panelling and replacing it with a fresh coat of beige paint, instantly adding warmth and sophistication to the space. To enhance the overall aesthetic, we installed new flooring, elevating the room’s modern and stylish appeal. The result was a breathtaking fireplace room that perfectly blended comfort and contemporary design. Trust Deomax to bring your fireplace room visions to life with our expertise in Etobicoke.

Our Results

Fireplace room renovation in Etobicoke