Project Summary

We were asked by this Milton homeowner to remodel their stairway to be brighter, more modern, and with a cleaner appearance. Deomax Group was happy to help, constructing a new modern staircase for their home that really brings the front hall of the house to life. The homeowner was very happy with their results, and we are too.

Here’s a quick summary of this stairway remodeling project in Milton:

  • City: Milton
  • Main Service: Remodeling Staircase
  • Project Duration: 3 Weeks
  • What We Did: Demolition, Staircase Installation, Painting

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new stairs

About The Project

We were called by an Etobicoke homeowner who wanted to remodel their staircase, refreshing their entire front hall. They had a vision for a much cleaner look, one that would work better with the atmosphere of the home. We advised them of their options and came up with a plan for reconstructing their staircase. Our workers quickly and efficiently tore down the old stairs, making sure we left all the necessary foundations for the new ones to be put in. With that out of the way, we were able to begin installing the new hardwood stairs. Within a few days, the team was able to completely revamp the staircase and get the front of this Etobicoke home looking brand new.

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What The Stairs Looked Like Before and After