Project Summary

A homeowner in Milton sought professional assistance for the installation of a water heater radiator cover. Upon contacting us and discussing the issue at hand, we promptly commenced our work.

Here’s a quick a summary of this Milton project:

  • City: Milton
  • Main Service: Water Heater Radiator Cover Installation
  • Project Duration: 1 Day
  • What We Did: Installing water heater radiator cover

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Milton water heater radiator cover installation before Water heater radiator cover installation Milton

About The Project

Deomax Group recently finished a water heater radiator cover installation project in a home located in Milton. Our dedicated team put in diligent efforts to deliver work of the utmost quality, prioritizing the safety and integrity of the installation. For this project, we utilized a white cover to effectively conceal the water heater radiator. This choice not only served a functional purpose but also enhanced the aesthetics of the room. The white cover blended seamlessly with the surrounding decor, contributing to an overall pleasing visual appeal. We take pride in providing the homeowner with an efficient and durable solution that will stand the test of time.

Along with installations, we also do affordable kitchen renovations in Milton.

Our Results

Milton water heater radiator cover installation